Celebrating 20th Our 20th Sailing With ‘70s Rock & Romance

When StarVista Live sails the 70’s Rock & Romance Cruise in March 2017, it will represent our 20th themed music cruise spread among our 5 successful themes-Malt Shop Memories, Soul  Train, Country Music, Flower Power and 70’s Rock and Romance.

In looking back the time has passed so quickly, we can hardly believe it. We’ve seen so many star artists, heard great performances, shared great times with new and old friends, and had plenty of laughs all on board luxurious cruise ships and in some beautiful ports of call. 

A journalist recently asked where this all started. This is what we told him. For years, we sold music and video via our famous Time Life infomercials. In the 28 minutes each infomercial lasts, we brought our customers back to the music and good times of their youth blending great songs from a specific time period with historical footage all delivered by a beloved music host-Kenny Rogers, Bobby Rydell, Smokey Robinson, Ringo Starr to name just a few.

We were thrilled how many people bought the infomercial set of 10 CDs/DVDs and many asked if they could also buy the infomercial itself. They wanted to share that visual experience and emotionally re-connect with the nostalgia. Needless to say, these clips are extremely difficult to “clear” for sale and we had to disappoint those that asked.

But it got us thinking about creating a live music environment just for our loyal fans-a place where they could enjoy “their” music, see the artists from “their” youth and share all this with a community of like-minded/age folks. A luxury themed music cruise seemed the answer and after some serious study, we launched our themed cruise business with the Malt Shop Memories Cruise-a living homage to the music of the late 50’s and early 60’s or as we say the birth of Rock n’ Roll. We soon followed with Soul Train, Country Music, Flower Power and 70’s Rock and Romance. 

Along the way, we noticed an odd phenomena-people that came back year after year (and more than 50% do) wouldn’t move cabins even if we offered a gratis upgrade. When we asked, they told us they became close friends with the people in the next cabins and just couldn’t see leaving their neighborhood behind!

The music, the fun and the nostalgia mean so much more when you get to share them with friends