What are the Compensation Levels?

StarVista LIVE welcomes and works closely with Travel Agents as important members of our sales team.  We have designed and implemented a generous, yet simple, compensation plan to encourage Travel Agents to actively promote and sell our cruises.

Commission Level


Number of Cabins Sold

(in 12-month period)


(New Guests)


(Returning Guests)

  Up to 9 cabins 10% 7%
  10 or more cabins 12% 10%

Returning Guest Commission: StarVista LIVE Agents guests who rebook a cruise for next year and are rebooked by the same Travel Agent will be entitled to receive a commission on such sales as above. 

Travel Agent Personal Cabin
StarVIsta LIVE Agents do not earn commission on their personal cabin.
For every commissionable cabin the StarVista LIVE Agent sells that agent shall receive a 2% discount off their personal cabin purchased at the full fare price (max: 10%), thereby allowing the Agent to earn the equivalent of a 10% commission.

Tour Conductor Allowance
In addition to Commissions, StarVista LIVE Agents can earn a Tour Conductor (TC) berth based upon the following:

  • 1 free berth – double occupancy,  (not including taxes) for 15 berths sold within any Cruise Schedule; i.e. 16th Berth is Free (not including taxes).
  • The “free” berth shall be in the cabin category most represented by the berths sold.
  • The number of berths sold is based upon double occupancy. Triples and quads do not count in the berth count.
  • This compensation is in lieu of the discount set forth in the Travel Agent Personal Cabin program.

Additional Bonuses
In addition, to the tour conductor allowance, StarVista LIVE Agents may earn additional bonuses as follows:

  • Upon $100,000 in aggregate cabin sales, an additional bonus of $1,000
  • Upon $150,000 in aggregate cabin sales, an additional bonus of $500