Artist Testimonials

  • “There is just no cruise that’s better than the Malt Shop Memories Cruise for the Beach Boys” - MIKE LOVE of THE BEACH BOYS, Malt Shop
    Memories Cruise
  • “The reason I’m on the Malt Shop Cruise - it’s an experience that an artist can’t have unless you come on a cruise like this” - BRENDA LEE, Malt Shop Memories Cruise
  • “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this is the most fun I have all year long.”- LORIANNE CROOK, Country Music Cruise
  • “I’ve watched this cruise evolve and it’s just gotten better and bigger every year” - WADE HAYES, Country Music Cruise
  • “Being here and being around the fans and talking with them, it means everything.” - GILBERT BRIDGES of RARE EARTH, Flower Power Cruise
  • “What makes this cruise extremely special for me is that the music is everywhere. And when you hear that music, for people like me, I’m seventeen all over again” - PETER NOONE of HERMAN’S HERMITS, Flower Power Cruise
  • “The fans have been fantastic, it’s great to be amongst them, you know we like that.” - GRAHAM RUSSELL of AIR SUPPLY, ‘70s Rock & Romance Cruise
  • “It’s a unique experience, where we get to intermingle with the fans. It’s extraordinary, it’s humbling, it’s invigorating and revitalizing for us.” - GARRY PETERSON of THE GUESS WHO, ‘70s Rock & Romance Cruise
  • “This cruise is fantastic, what a great experience to share this time so intimately with all of our fans” - GERRY BECKLEY of AMERICA, ‘70s Rock & Romance Cruise