Artist Testimonials

“There is just no cruise that’s better than the Malt Shop Memories Cruise for the Beach Boys”

- MIKE LOVE of THE BEACH BOYS, Malt Shop Memories Cruise


“The reason I’m on the Malt Shop Cruise - it’s an experience that an artist can’t have unless you come on a cruise like this”

- BRENDA LEE, Malt Shop Memories Cruise

“I had a fantastic time on the Soul Train Cruise. It’s a great experience to be able to party with your fans and other entertainers on the ship.”


“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this is the most fun I have all year long.”

- LORIANNE CROOK, Country Music Cruise

“I’ve watched this cruise evolve and it’s just gotten better and bigger every year”

- WADE HAYES, Country Music Cruise

“Being here and being around the fans and talking with them, it means everything.”

- GILBERT BRIDGES of RARE EARTH, Flower Power Cruise


“What makes this cruise extremely special for me is that the music is everywhere. And when you hear that music, for people like me, I’m seventeen all over again”


- PETER NOONE of HERMAN’S HERMITS, Flower Power Cruise

“The fans have been fantastic, it’s great to be amongst them, you know we like that.”

- GRAHAM RUSSELL of AIR SUPPLY, ‘70s Rock & Romance Cruise


“It’s a unique experience, where we get to intermingle with the fans. It’s extraordinary, it’s humbling, it’s invigorating and revitalizing for us.”

GARRY PETERSON of THE GUESS WHO, ‘70s Rock & Romance Cruise

“This cruise is fantastic, what a great experience to share this time so intimately with all of our fans”

- GERRY BECKLEY of AMERICA, ‘70s Rock & Romance Cruise